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Applying for 176 state sponsorship for NSW

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Hi All,
I have been a quiet observer of this great forum and now that I have made up my mind to finally make a move to Australia I wanted to share some thoughts and get some advise as well.

Just a brief of my profile:
I am married with no children, will be going on 176 in NSW most probably. Have a little around 28000$ with me as of now. I have a work ex of over 5 years in finance, last year I started my own company which caters to some clientele of an MNC bank.
I intend to start or lease/purchase some small business there.

My questions are:-

1. Will i get ample business opportunities in the regional areas?
2. Is the money I have in hand sufficient? how much more is required?
3. I am open to any sort of business, really, so please also suggest me some?
4. Is it true that there are very very less jobs in these ares? Is getting small odd jobs also a problem in these areas and will I be able to run the house doing these kind of jobs if things dont work out? just in case!

Also if you would like to add something please do.

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hi bharat

from what i know, this amount is not much, you can get a home loan easily but not a loan to buy business, this was told by someone who came to AU with the mindset of buying a business after taking a loan. initially you can look for a job, gain some experience on hoe things work, how people are etc etc, eventually get to buying a business, one person out of the two of you can keep working while other can take up the business.

i might just be wrong, but i am sharing what i have observed in last few months.

28k is hardly anything, you need atleast 12-15k for initial set up, buying a car, renting, white goods, furniture, even if you go with second hand goods, stil you will end up spending that much and since you do not come with a job, you ar eon your own for sometime, till you actually manage one..
Thanks a lot Anj, so what about regional PR , is it actually worth it or shall I still keep trying for 175 that I think is very difficult for my profile as of now. What do you suggest?
whatever gets you here.. regional limits your opportunities, if u can make it with 175/176 fine, else take the route that suits you the most
Thanks a lot buddy but I guess 176 is the only route I will have to take it just depends which state to consider. I am currently researching on that. Thanks
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