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Hi all..

I am posting this in order to give a relief and an good advise to a friend of mine who is now in a mess not knowing what should she do ..

She came to UK as spouse of a British citizen. Because of domestic violence she separated and then applied for Destitute Domestic violence concession to apply ILR. Home Office permitted her to take benefits and gave 03 months leave to remain visa , LEAVE OUT SIDE OF THE RULE (LOTR) category by cancelling her remained spouse visa .

Then she applied ILR on the domestic violence basis route but it was rejected. Then she applied for a Administrative Review but its too refused as case worker withheld former decision.

She is very upset and sad. Then she contacted a solicitor who told her that its a good strong case that solicitor is very interested to fight so that can do Judicial Review. She is happy but afraid of the cost for JR.

In the mean time when the ILR application was in the Home Office her hsband had talked to her , also his family, saying he now needs to live together. So she is too maintaining contact with him now . They not yet divorced. She too likes to live with him but afraid he will know her application of ILR before.

Home Office sent her letter mentioning she should tell them within 14 days or latest 14 days, that she is preparing to apply on the grounds or reasons to stay in the UK , IF NOT SHALL BE REMOVED . The 14 days end on Monday 28 August 2016.

Under these circumstances , can she apply for FLR(HRO) now ? or go for Judicial Review and if success can live with her husband if she wishes.

Or she can go for Judicial Review first , if not win , then apply for FLR(HRO) ?

if FLR(HRO) fails , can she try Judicial Review ?

Can she apply even after 14 days ?

very confusing to decide which is the best category to go for to get success.

I will be grateful and will appreciate reply and advice to help her. please ..
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