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Hi everyone, I am from India and I have applied for tourist visa subclass 600 for my parents. My father cleared his medicals and was granted visa on the 27th day of visa lodgement. There was a mass on the top portion of the lung on my mothers chest X-ray and we received a mail to undergo 604 at the panel clinic. We attended the clinic and seen by a pulmonologist after a CT scan which mentioned it as likely neurogenic tumor. This was all done on the 27th day since the lodgement of visa application. It's been 45days since we lodged our application but has not received any decision yet. When I contacted VFS they are saying application still under process and there is no time frame for decisions to be made. Why is it getting delayed? Does the report needs to be assessed by MOC Australia? How long will it take to get a decision? It's been 45days since the lodgement of visa application and 18days since she saw the specialist at the panel clinic as requested by DIAC. If anyone has undergone same situation or know anything related to this kindly suggest. I would like to know why is it getting delayed and how long will it take??
If you are seriously concerned, then you should appoint a MARA agent

They have a wide database of applicants and medical history and so advise you as well as take up the issue with immigration effectively

Maggie May had recommended some good immigration lawyers specialising in medical cases just this week if I remember correctly
You can search her posts

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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