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HI everyone,

I have been reading this forum for a while now and want to thank you all for posting so much useful information.

I am applying outside the UK (Serbia) for a spouse visa and no matter how many times i have read all these different documents I am still rather confused about some things and I can't find similar posts.

My husband has a full time job, with the same employer for 3 and a half years now. He is contracted to 32 hours per week which is £1081.60 each month. Also every month he works overtime and the amount he earns like this varies each month (in the past 6 months he earned from overtime £169.82, £404.5, £681.96, £236.24, £471.36, £507.02). He also has in savings £27,472,60 at the moment and in past 6 months he never went under £24,128.94. We are going to apply under Cat. A and combine that with cash savings as there isn’t much difference in our situation under Cat. B, just more paper work.
Now after looking and trying to fill Appendix 2 in the visa application form, I have a few questions:

We have 2 marriage certificates, one is in Serbian and the other one is issued in Serbia but it is an international marriage certificate - Extract issued in pursuance of the convention signed at Vienna on September 8, 1976 which is written in French but has a detailed explanation in many languages including English since the UK is part of this convection. Can we just send the international one without translation plus a copy of it or do we have to translate the Serbian one?

In Appendix 2:

3.3 From the list below, please indicate the main method of meeting the financial requirement.
Income from salaried employment in the UK
Complete Part 3A
Indicate which option you are relying on category A
- So do we only select these 2 options? Or do we indicate that we rely on cash savings too and select Category D as well?
3.11 What is your sponsor’s annual income from this employment before tax?
Is this the right calculation?
A) £1080 x 12 = £12979.2 (The total amount he earns per annum from his contracted hours alone, before the addition of overtime.)
B) ((£ 169.82 + £404.5 + £681.96 + £236.24 + £471.36 + £507.02) /6 x12) = £411.82 x 12 = £4941.8 (as in the annual equivalent of his average gross monthly income from overtime in the last 6 months).
C) A + B = £17921
3.12 - Has your sponsor been in employment with the same employer and earning the amount, as detailed in 3.11 above, continuously for 6 months prior to the date of the application? (Category A)
As I have answered 3.11 with the inclusion of his overtime over the last 6 months, averaged over a year, would it be safe to tick yes here? Or as the overtime amount varies per month, should I tick no and fill out section 3.20 (What was your sponsor’s total income (before tax) from salaried employment in the 12 months prior to the application?) and put the total amount earned from both contract pay and overtime pay?
3.13 Has your sponsor had other salaried employment, in the UK, in the 12 months prior to the date of application?
3.20 What was your sponsor’s total income (before tax) from salaried employment in the 12 months prior to the application?
For this summary we just need to add up all the amounts before tax from the payslips in the past 12 months = £18685.11
3.21 Does your sponsor’s annual income (before tax) from their current salaried employment meet or exceed the financial requirement you must meet?
No - although with the addition of all overtime over the last 12 months, it does go over the £18600 - but presumably this doesn't matter?
3.22 If your sponsor has not been employed by the same employer for 6 months prior to the application does their total income (before tax) from salaried employment received in the 12 months prior to your application meet or exceed the financial requirement you must meet?
Should we just leave this one blank?

Thanks for taking the time to read all this, it's very much appreciated, and if you're able to provide us with any useful information or answers to our questions, we would be very grateful.

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You should get your original Serbian certificate professionally translated. While some people may have had luck with international version, I wouldn't cut corners with important document.

As for Appendix 2, you only answer questions that relate to Cat A, so you skip questions that ask about 12-month income, which is Cat B. Just add up all your fluctuating monthly pay over 6 months, divide by 6 and multiply by 12 to get your annual income.

You just enter details in addition under Cat D.
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