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I am just following this thread. I have received a letter from the tribunal and been asked to conform consent to the withdrawal. Its been 3 weeks and nothing from Manila. Can someone please help.

This is what they wrote we posted it from Australia and know they received it on June 17

Can someone please help. We have this letter but noting has happened in 2 weeks. We sent the passport on the 16th June.
They say they will reply in 2 weeks. Has anyone had a similar experience. We getting anxious

We are writing to inform you that, having reviewed the decision on your application, the ECO has decided to revoke the refusal of your visa and issue it, subject to additional checks. The reason for this is due to the fresh evidence that you presented.

We will also apply to withdraw your appeal against the refusal and you will be notified of the outcome by the Immigration and Asylum Tribunal.

Kindly submit the following documentation so that your application can be considered further.

a. Your original passport
b. Self-addressed prepaid courier envelope (of the appropriate size) for us to send your passport and original documents back to you. We recommend that you use a trackable service, but regret that we cannot accept Registered Post envelopes.

Kindly send these documents through the following methods within two (2) weeks from the date of this notification.

(a) IN PERSON - at the Visa Application Centre (VAC)
(b) POST / COURIER - addressed to UK Visas and Immigration: GPO Box 2718, Sydney NSW 2001. Please ensure that you quote your online application number in the top left corner of the courier envelope.


• Should we issue you a visa, the validity start date will immediately commence on the date it is issued - this will be at any time within two weeks following the receipt of your passport. Therefore if you may wish to defer the validity start date at a later date, please mention this in an accompanying letter to your passport for an Officer to consider. We wish to remind you however that we can only post date visas THREE months from when they are issued.

• UK Immigration laws prevent entry clearance being issued to a person who is inside the United Kingdom. Entry Clearance's must also be activated on arrival in the UK by an Immigration Officer, in order to be valid. An entry clearance not activated is not considered valid and may cause a person to be in breach of UK Immigration Law. We are therefore unable to grant the entry clearance if you are currently in the UK.

Yours sincerely

Appeals/ AR Team, Manila Visa Hub
UK Visas and Immigration
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