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Hi Expatians,

I am working as Automation tester and involved in framework development and automation script coding using Java. I am planning to go for evaluation as anzco 261313 Software engineer. I have list down my roles and responsibilities for all companies. It would be great help if someone can review and give comments if this relate to category.
As per current stats my score comes to 65.

Company 1
Detailed specifications are as below:

• Worked on Java, Windows 7, SQL server 2008, PL/SQL, C#.
• Understanding the functional specification documents and other artefacts related to the product.
• Coordinated with team members to develop framework features.
• Participated in Pre- Elaboration, Elaboration of functional specifications.
• Developed Framework reporting feature using Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT).
• Updated Technical design document for the module assigned.
• Worked through all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
• Performs program maintenance, modifications, and enhancements to new/existing systems through programming, testing, documenting, and training users.
• Experience working with Git, Stash and Team Foundation Server source control.
• Wrote complex SQL queries using Joins, Sub queries, Unions and Group by functions.
• Developed Data driven Automation framework using Java and TestNG.
• Performs technical root cause analysis and outlines corrective action for given problems.
• Developed Regression Suite using VSTS coded UI using C#.
• Coordinated with offshore/onsite team members.
• Provided production support patches/builds for the live application.
• Fixed defects and tested post fixing.
• Handled Defect management through TFS

Company 2
Detailed specifications are as below:
• Worked on Java, Windows 7, SQL server 2008, PL/SQL.
• Translate application User stories and Acceptance test cases into functional applications
• Developed data driven framework for automation as per client’s specifications.
• Write efficient, reusable, and reliable Java code.
• Follow best practices laid down by company during coding.
• Ensure the best possible coding standards to assist responsiveness and performance of application
• Wrote stored procedure in PL/SQL.
• Involved in taking DB Backups before installing new builds from build servers.
• Validating the billing views in the DB against the requirement specifications.
• Running the different stored procedures for getting the billing extract.
• Validating the extracted data after running stored procedures from backend (SQL Server 2008).
• Sending the extract for OAD validations and assisting the queries raised by onsite technical team.
• Regression suite automation scripts development and execution
• Handled Defect management through Bugzilla

Company 3

Detailed specifications are as below:

Worked on Java, Windows 7, and SQL server 2008.
Worked with software developers in identifying and developing advanced software solutions for test automation.
Developed hybrid (Test and Data driven) framework solution for automation.
Coding set up Sandbox/DEV/Staging/QA/UAT/Production instances according to project requirements.
Responsible for unit testing, debugging, and correcting the program errors.
Taking part in lifecycle of project and environment setup.
To ensure environment stability and capacity planning in line with project needs.
Strict follow up of change and release process across the perimeter application.
Coordinate with onshore/offshore team
Support the production deployment (Go Live) of the software
Assist user and operating areas in implementing and supporting systems including system installation, training and troubleshooting.
Platform version upgrades performed on the application.
Transactional data deletion from data tables in UAT and production servers.
Handled Defect management through Empirix

Company 4

Detailed specifications are as below:

• Worked on Java, CentOS, UNIX, SQL server 2008, Jenkins and TFS.
• Requirement analysis, framework development, functional and unit testing, debugging and subsequently deploy builds with bug fixes.
• Interacted with offshore/onshore and clients on timely manner ensuring smooth execution of project.
• Conduct walkthrough of the developed software to the design team to get sign-off
• Setting up/Configuration and deployment of software across various project environments.
• Handled AJAX call made during rendering web pages.
• Providing application support for critical application on UNIX and SQL platforms.
• Ensured alignment of project deliverables with production team.
• Adhere to all change control procedures.
• Scripted end to end automation scenarios and scheduled daily runs on multiple VMs (virtual machines).
• Post production support to resolve any defects or address any concerns that gets raised after go live of the software.
• Cleaning the transactional data in UAT and production databases
• Initial support provided for production servers.
• Good hands on experience in implementing artificial intelligence for example: Recovery Scenario, Synchronization Points. Checkpoints etc.
• Working in an Agile / Test Driven Development (TDD).
• Handled Defect management through TFS

Company 5

Detailed specifications are as below:

• Worked on Java, Windows 10, Oracle, Jenkins, Rally and SVN.
• Reviewing and analyzing requirement specification for framework development.
• Scrum master for the project.
• Conducted daily standups.
• Development of Automation Framework using Java.
• Testing of code written and fixing the failures.
• Defect fixing based on the priority assigned.
• Maintenance of existing Automation Framework.
• Reviews code written by team members.
• Creation of Automation Scripts and Suites.
• Deployment of configuration files, binaries from clearing workstation server/Quality assurance server and production servers.
• Interaction with Onsite clients for requirements gathering.
• Handled AJAX and services calls rendered during Angular JS page load.
• Written custom methods using JSExecutor class for Angular JS elements not discovered through Selenium.
• Involved in Regression and Functional testing using automation framework.
• Executed automated regression suite on multiple virtual machines through scheduled Jenkin jobs.
• Regression suite execution in parallel and cross browser execution mode.
• Troubleshooting/research of technical issues of other team members and provide them solutions.
• Publishing daily status report and weekly development dashboard.
• Working in an Agile / Behavior Driven Development (BDD).
• Handled Defect management through Jira.

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Elaborate a bit more. A quick glance at some points and I can say the following:

"Worked on Java, ..."
>> "Worked" is too vague. Did you install jdk/ jre? Even that can count as having worked on Java. Instead elaborate this more to specify if you actually programmed using the Java programming language.

"Handled AJAX call..."
>> Using? Traditional javascript? jQuery?

"Scripted end to end automation scenarios"
>> Again- using what exactly? Unix/ bash scripts? Selenium, etc?

"Cleaning the transactional data"
>> Using what? Specify tools/ skills you used to do this. Throw in the actual technicalities involved- PL/SQL, etc.

I hope you got the point by now.

Also, like you explained what SDLC is, do the same for others like VSTS and TFS. I don't know what these are and chances are that your assessing officer at ACS won't know either.

If you notice the 261313 baseline skills, they are broadly around analysis, programming, testing, debugging, and support. Yours seem to be more inclined towards programming alone. Try and specify more about testing. For instance, mention "for testing" in your "Creation of Automation Scripts" point, say "test automation" in "solution for automation".

Otherwise, it all looks good for a positive assessment.

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Hi KeeDa/Expatians,

Happy Diwali!

As per my understanding I am calculating 70 as my overall score. please see the stats below:

Age 32 - 30
PTE Score (75) - 10
Experience (7 years) - 10
B.E (Telecom & I.T) graduate - 15

Total: 65
State sponsorship (NSW) : 5

Overall: 70

How good is this score to get invitation to apply. Can I apply with this score or should I improve my PTE score. Your thoughts on this will be really helpful. Thanks in advance.

Jasmeet Singh

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Hi Jasmeet,

There are many in the 65 pointers pool who have opted for NSW sponsorship because of the long waiting times for 189 and moreover, 190 has always been unpredictable because of how state sponsorship works- they invite applicants from an occupation group whose demand is foreseen in the near future and they furthermore rank applicants to prioritise invitations (English scores, age of the EOI, etc). 2613 is neither special nor is there any shortage of 2613 applicants (compare that with 'ICT Security specialist' for instance).

You sure can and should apply with these scores (both for 189 and 190) so as to get in the queue, but keep trying for better scores from English or look for the possibility to add 5 partner points.
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