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Anyone tried DIAC medical in UAE? Is this doctor good ?

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This Doctor has EHEALTH, he is in sharjah and gave me good price:

Medical and Radiology Clinic
Al Zahra Hospital
Dr Abdullah Davoodbhoy

Anyone tried this doctor Dr Abdullah Davoodbhoy ? Is he good ? In Dubai there is another clinic with EHealth. i just want to avoid doctors who OVER - investigate, unfortunately some of them are that way and try to find faults in you! Plz advise if anyone with experience with this doctor OR this one in Dubai, let me know thanks !!

Dubai London Clinic - Jumeirah Branch
Jumeirah Beach Road
Umm Suquiem 2
Dr Gordon Robert Bland
Dr Mina Milovanovic
Dr Nicola Jane Deamer
Dr Iwona Marczak
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You can only use a doctor that is on the approved immigration panel. The tests are also standard for your visa, so to be honest, it makes no difference whatsoever as to which doctor you go to - you will undergo the same test wherever you go!
I think that when it comes to the UAE, the golden rule is that you have to chase them to get anything done. I've never in my life lived in such a frustrating place and you'll be happy to know that Australia will be like a breath of fresh air in comparison to the inefficiency of the UAE.

Sometimes, you will find that one clinic does not have the capabilities to comment on your results (happened to me!), so they will send it somewhere else and then they have to wait for the report to come back to them before they can upload or courier your results. That unfortunately causes delays.

On the bright side, you all have time cause the CO will not look at your medical results straight away. Your case would have been parked for the 28 days that the CO provided you to do your medical, so it's unlikely that they will come back to it before that time. So, my best advice is to relax and concentrate on other things that you need to do. :)
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oh really...CO will wait 28 days? anyways i hv sent them email ...hope to wait for 2 more days.
lets see when CO wakes up.
Thanks for your inputs
To put it quite bluntly, your CO cannot ignore other cases and just wait for your medical results to come through. They give you 28 days to do your medical but by the time you get an appointment, do the test and your results are received and processed, that timeframe has practically elapsed. You may therefore wait 1 - 2 weeks after receipt of your medicals to see any update to your case.

Try not to bother your CO - they have not forgotten about you. They will come back to your case. I appreciate that the wait is killing but I personally would not recommend bothering your CO with reminders until a reasonable amount of time has passed.
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DIAC does not regulate the prices set by doctors abroad to the test and oftentimes, you also need to be very specific as to what you want and the visa that you are applying for. Misunderstandings can lead to one clinic giving you the wrong price.

I had this situation when I was leaving Dubai to move to Oz on a 457 visa. I literally had to tell clinic which test I needed because they were completely clueless and were trying to get me to do a whole bunch of tests that were not even required!
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