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Anybody out there recently and sucessfully completed the trade evidence form for a Joiner 331213?

It requires completion of 7 competency groups, some of which fit my defintion of your average bench joiner in the UK. Others though seem to be more appropriate for the skill set of site carpenters and glaziers. Much of it is within my range of experience but a lot of my work is performed in a workshop and opportunity to survey sites and perform site operations is rare.

Please bear with me for any tips and advice on responding to the following competency groups would be much appreciated:

Measure and level an area for fit-out
Describe how you carry out measurements and calculations, set out and level and mark off/out jobs

Prepare surfaces, and apply finishes
Describe your experience in applying and trimming decorative finishes, apply paint by spray and brush/roller, install curtain walling

Use static and portable plant in joinery work
Describe the static machines, small plant and equipment you have used. What explosive power tools have you used?

Manufacture, assemble and fit windows and doors
windows and doors, frames, sashes, joinery units, replace door and window furniture. Describe your experience in making, assembling and fitting doors? What kind of windows have you fitted?

Perform glazing operations
Describe how you manually cut glass to simple shapes, install glass, apply and install sealants, devices and internal lining

Assemble and fit partitions
Describe your experience in making set outs and assembling simple partition frames

Site operations
Describe your experience with scaffolding, off-site manufacturing and packaging for transport, load slinging of off-site materials, assembling fabricated components
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