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Any Partner Visa expert agent here ?

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As per my other post on expat , i need some help probably from a registered MARA agent who has expertise in Partner\Spouse visa ? If anyone here please hit me back or if anyone knows someone expert in this area plz let me know.

I need someone to help me with ;

My sister is getting married to an Australian PR and would be applying for a Spouse visa in Nov,09 this year from India. Do we know usual time frames for processing spouse visa applications , note she is planning to add our parents as her dependents in her application .

Any ideas how much time it takes or should take ??Will adding dependents will increase the processing times ?
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The agents post on here every so often but you are better off contacting them. I'm not sure that any of them specialise in partner visas since agents should be able to act on all visa types.

SOMV is an agent who posts on here regularly and you can contact her through the link in her signature.

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