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Hi again, I'm posting again but this is completely new query from the previous one.

Is there any new requirement for fiance visa since October?

I know New form is released from October 1, but any other requirement such as LIFE IN THE UK TEST?

or any other addition paper that needs to be submitted if applying for December?

This is what we have provided in October and they Just refused the visa because of the IELTS score. Please let me know if i have to add anything else thank you.

Section 1 - Visa Application Details
● VAF4A Personal Details Form
● VAF4A Appendix 2 Financial Requirement Form
● Visa Appointment booking
● Biometric
● Documents personal Checklist
● Sponsor’s Letter
● Applicant’s Letter
● Visa Fee Receipt
Section 2 - Supporting Documents
● Applicant’s New/Old Passport
● Applicant’s Birth Certificate
● Applicant’s Marital Status (Cenomar)
● Applicant’s IELTS english certificate
● Applicant’s Tuberculosis certificate
● Applicant’s Passport Photo x 2
● Applicant’s Tentative booking travel itenerary
● Sponsor’s Certified True copy of Passport/pages with stamps
● Sponsor’s Old Passports
● Sponsor’s Passport Photo x 2
● Sponsor’s Birth Certificate
● Sponsor’s Decree Absolute
Section 3 - Financial Information
● Sponsor’s Contact of Employment
● Sponsor’s Letter of employment Stating Annual Salary
● Sponsor’s Increment Letter / Promotion Letter
● Sponsor’s P60 x 1 (2013)
● Sponsor’s Payslip 6 Months
● Sponsor’s Bank Statement 6 Months
Section 4 - Proof of Relationship
● Photos of Applicant and Sponsor
● Skype Screenshots / facebook wall post/comments Screenshots
● Applicant and Sponsor’s Passport Stamps of our Travel to Hongkong/Macau
● Wedding Booking Confirmation
● Calling Cards
● DHL/Greeting Cards sent to Sponsor From Applicant
● Sponsor’s Flight Boarding Passes
● Joint Account Letter
Section 5 - Accommodation
● Consent Letter From Parents
● Tenancy Agreement
● Property Inspection Report
● Email Correspondence from State Agent
● 4 Months Telephone Bill (Proof of Address)
Section 6 - Formal Statement and Evidence
● Sponsor’s Letter Addressed to Grounds of Refusal
● Personal Loan Agreement Papers
● Singapore Airline Itinerary (Mr. Malicse and Ms. Bautista)
● Joint Account Letter
● Email authorisation for another person to be added in Sponsor’s Flat
● Formal Letter/Tenancy Certificate from Applican’t Landlord
● Applicant’s tenancy Agreement
● Remittance Slip

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Don't think there were any changes really.
Look at the UKBA website it usually written on the news that shown on the right side of the page, like they put the minimum income and the forms changes.

What was wrong with your score?
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