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Can anyone advise on this

A friend got a job working for a good company, they were looking for a less stressful job.

During the interview their now boss was very nice, pleasant stated how relaxed the job is but would like to bring in this person due to the experience with the hope of improving some procedures. the previous person was leaving for health reason. basically lied loads during the interview

a couple of months in the boss is a bully, has no people skills or management skills and balls at the slightest mistake making a big drama when its only infact a small item which can be tracked very easily.
They have also found out the previous person left due to stress and infact he has bullied 6 other people in the team out in the last 6 months. the team is now overworked and expect to work late.

My friend likes the company and wants it to work, the money is not good enough either for the grief. Although in the current climate its a job.

They have spoken to HR who wont help as they are a sheep and will just follow his instructions.

I have tried to advise to stand up to him, treat them with respect, employee another team member. but as yet have done nothing

With little contract / HR laws here she doesn't have much of a leg to stand on. In the UK, this would be easy to resolve.

Any advice
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