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Any Hope Left?

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I had cleared ACS with positive result for MODL. and was finalizing documents.
now got killer news.

what will happen after mid 2010?
would they announce points for some selected professions?

any other hope? or just arrange things for suicide, r u joining me?
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No-one knows what will happen so I'd hold on a little longer :)

We were told that we had no hope of getting in by 2 agents and now next month we get citizenship.

Wait for the new rules, learn them and then find out how to use them to your advantage. You've got a whole load of people on here all doing the same thing :)


it will happen when it has to. dont loose hope. there are those who got their visas in 4 months and then there are thos like me who have been waiting for a year plus. I dont bother much now. I have accepted, i am doing what i should and i will make it when i have to.. whats the rush anyways? enjoy your family's company, once u r gone, u will miss them. a coupleof months or even 6 wont make a difference. they are making it difficult to apply for the visa but not impossible. difficult can be tackled unlike impossible..
anj is right. Take things in stride. Suicide is the easy way out - a coward's way out. Living well is much harder.

I'm flying back as often as I can now because I'm leaving in mere months. By then a flight back to see mom will take 7-10 hours...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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