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I have one quire.

Actually i for applied for SS for NSW long back.
Later i got a mail from them that they are not processing SS.

So i retook IELTS and scored 7, applied for 189 VISA
My bad luck. I did not observed that ACS has reduced my experience.
After paying my visa fee for 189, i relalised that i am in short of points.. so i will not get 189( anyways CO is not assigned)

Now i got a mail from SS, stating that they are considering my application.
With this updated score i will get 60 points for 190
So 190 team asked me to update my EOI with latest IELTS score.

Here i have two questions
1. In experience section what should i enter
should i enter starting of my carrier
Should i enter only what ACS has considered.
2. As i already applied for 189 VISA (amount paid) i know it will not be accepeted b'coz i dont' have points.

Is it ok to apply for 190
What about the visa fees i paid for 189 can i convert it to 190

Kindly give response to my quires.

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The visa fees are non-refundable and cannot be "converted" to another visa. You'll need to withdraw your current application and apply again (and pay the fee again).
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