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Firstly, I would just like to thank the people who started this site and everyone who contributes to it, it's an amazing resource!

I will try and keep this as short and clear as possible...

-I am an American woman, who's fiance is 1/2 English 1/2 Turkish, he lives in London and is a UK citizen.
-We want to get married and live in the UK (at least for the first 5 years or so).
-I am living in Istanbul at the moment, using up the remaining months on my 3 year Turkish Residence Permit. -This permit is for 'residency only' and say's inside in Turkish that it does not permit me to work.
-3 years ago, I moved to Istanbul. My met my fiance a few months later while he was here visiting family and we have been together almost since then (we had a split after the first time we tried long distance, 4 months I think).
-Twice I went to UK on tourist visa for 6 months, didn't overstay, but DID SAY that he was just a friend when asked (I had been told by loads of people that if I said he was my boyfriend that they would turn me around and send me home).
-He works in a bank and has and ann/40K, has had this job for almost 2 years now.
-I however, had not had a regular job in ages as I keep hopping about to keep our relationship alive (that's why I'm Istanbul now, everyday Skype is easier and we can fly to meet much easier than if I was back in Los Angeles).
-My finances look like (/are) a mess right now, but he is really together, has always been really together.

My questions are:
*Is it better to file from Turkey, while I still have my Residence Permit, or should I wait and go back to the States?
*Would it be better to get married first and apply for a spouse visa? (I really want to have a proper ceremony though, with a few of the most important people in our lives. I think if we rush it, we would miss out on that)
*His income, credit history, etc is all fantastic. Will this be sufficient, as mine is far from it?
*Is the UK going to care about the fact that I have a Turk Res. Prmt, but not a Work Permit?
*Is it going to be an issue that I went into the UK and said that he and I were 'just friends'?
*Can I start applying to UK companies for employment? (not sure if anyone would even want to until I'm actually in the country?!)

and Finally, What are all the things we should provide to show that our relationship is legit? Should we ask friends and family to provide letters on behalf of the genuine nature of our relationship?

In advance, thank you SOOOOO much for the feedback and help!

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For what documents, etc, would be appropriate for use as supporting docs, the best place to start your search is the UKBA page for the visa you are going to apply for-so the first thing is to decide which visa.

You can apply for the fiancee visa, and that might be your best option because you can apply from Turkey where you are now, and then 'move' to the UK to be with your fiance through the wedding, after which you can then apply for the 27 month probationary spouse visa without the added cost of having to go back to either Turkey (if your visa is still valid) or the US where you are a citizen:

UK Border Agency | Fiance(e) or proposed civil partner of a British citizen or settled person

Since your sponsor (your fiance) is well able to support you during the six month term of the fiancee visa (during which you will not be able to work, or access public funds), your application should be a straightforward process.

Your financial situation (unless you have something extremely dire in that history) shouldn't be a problem, and the fact that you said you were 'friends' when you came in to see him is not a problem either (lol, ask me how I know :D) because it actually shows that you two have been meeting, and the romance developed over time.

A selection of emails or even a screen shot of all the emails you have used to stay in touch, snail mail letters, telephone bills, Skype or other VOIP records, flight stamps in your passport and ticket receipts, and a small collection of photos showing your growing relationship are good for proving a real relationship.

Additionally, if you chose the fiancee visa route, paper proof of bookings for wedding celebrations, honeymoon bookings, flowers, etc go a long way to proving your intentions to make a lifelong commitment.

You might include your CV with your application, but you're right that no employer will really offer you anything until you are in the UK and permitted to work; you might have a look at the shortage occupations list to see if you can fill any of those spots once you are able to work, it's my understanding that helps. to be frank, the employment situation in the UK is rather dire right now-do not count on finding work here any time soon, and unless your qualifications are on that list, consider that you will not make friends by 'taking a job away from a real British citizen', something I have heard said about spouses from other countries.

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