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(If it's true).
GOOD. To few get arrested for such both foreigners and Filipinos.

E g I knew the wife of an American who was high on the wanted list in USA. (Before Duterte) he lived free in Phils by under handed ways.

A Swede had run away from a jail verdict in Sweden for some drug related crime. He married, back then a teenager Filipina I know and treated her terrible - until she run away with his car, which he had in her name :) After he had died I talked with his brother and the bother in-law mentions the graveyard space fee will need to be renewed soon and she is poor.
-??Lumilla? I talked with him a few weeks ago that happened in Sweden, he abandoned Russian wife, so he was bigamist too. I wonder how he managed to get married in Phils :) both previously married already and proven criminal history, the brother wasn't surprised he had a criminal criminal history, the brother didn't know of before I told him. It was the brother who told me the criminal had run away from the jail verdict.
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