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I am currently living in Australia with my wife, i was the main applicant of our 189 VISA and she was required to get her English level assessed through an IELTS test, where she got a 5.0 (min req. was 4.5).

I contacted some english centres and asked about the AMEP (Adult Migrant English Program) benefit of 510 hours of english, but they told me she is not elligible because she scored above 4.5 in her IELTS.

Now, her english is barely good enough to find a job, so she needs to improve it even more, therefore we require some english classes for her.

Is there any other type of program similar to AMEP she is entitled to, or any english level program she can take now that we have PR, without incurring in some very high expenses like english clases for international students? (english for intl. students is around 300 a week, too much for us right now on only 1 salary)

Thanks a lot!
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