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Hello Everybody, I'm hoping somebody can help me with my query.

I am wondering how I can find out if I am still a British Citizen. I was born in Scotland in 1972, emigrated to Australia in 1993, married an Australian in 1994 and had two children in 1996 and 1998. I also became an Australian Citizen in 1999 (or 2000, can't remember without finding the paperwork!) I am trying to organise dual passports for myself and our children but not sure where to start. Does anybody know if I would have renounced my British nationality when I became "Australian"? I think that if Australians became British prior to 2002 then they lost their Australian passports but I'm not sure if that was the same the other way around? So, can I just apply for my UK passport as before or do I have to go through applying to be a British Citizen again? I'm presuming that once I get myself sorted then the kids will be easy as they will be British by descent?

Any help navigating this minefield would be much appreciated - Thanks in advance!

Cheers, Nic

You're british. Just apply for a new passport should you need one. The UK has accepted dual citizenship for as long as anything.

As you were born in the UK your kids are British by descent, just apply for their passports. Though their kids wont be British unless born in the uk.
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