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This story starts several years ago. In 2004, my family and I were ready and geared to go; visa arranged, job for my dad set up etc etc. Sadly, his job offer fell through. The visa expired and my hopes for leaving my island home were suspended.

Last year, my parents (I'm 21) applied for a family visa. My younger brother does not wish to leave his school and friends and my parents seem to have given up on the idea. I can't let go of the dream to live abroad. So I plan to emigrate, by myself. This summer (July '10) we'll all be going on holiday to Nova Scotia and use it as a stepping stone to get a lay of the land, so to speak, in terms of job opportunity, housing and so on.

As excited and eager as I am, there is of course that element of uncertainty. I will be going to a place, very far from home, by myself. The climate is completely different from here ( we have no real winter to speak of) and so is the lifestyle, which is something I'm itching to escape.

This year I will graduate from our university with a degree in speech-language pathology. I have two and a half years of experience in a pet grooming salon, skills I would like to make use of at some point in the future.

My questions (finally) as these:
- Does anyone know of a strong Maltese community in Canada? I know we've a presence in Toronto but haven't been able to find others. While I'm fine with leaving most aspects of home behind, I would like to retain my fluency in our very unique language and connections with people who were in my situation may be helpful.
- What is the social aspect of Canada like? Are people willing to help out a 'newbie'? Are there maybe ways to connect with other new immigrants?
- How employable am I? I've read up about the procedure that would eventually give me the qualifications to work in Canada as a speech-language pathologist but is the profession in demand? How about the pet care industry?
- Keeping in mind that I'm from a very temperate climate, which province is the least extreme in terms of winter conditions? I read here that BC is more rain than snow. Any other places that might be a little milder than -50?

Thanks for reading my long-winded post =P
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