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Couple of points :

1. As far as I am aware you cannot transfer into QROPS if
a) you have already drawn your pension from a final salary scheme
b) you have drawn an annuity from a private pension.

My understanding from your post is that you are already drawing your pension from an employer scheme. NB If your former employer was a government or local authority, then any pension WILL always be taxed in the UK

2. Your UK state pension is taxable in Australia under the terms of the dual taxation agreement, BUT normally HMRC will only allow it to be paid tax free ( plus any emploder pension that is not taxable in the UK) if you prove that you are tax resident in Australia.

The double taxation agreement between the UK and Australia is set out here

The form that you will need to complete is downloadable from here
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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