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We (my husband and I) want to immigrate to Australia..after much searching and we felt the need for an agent, got one and started putting our papers together...the agent did feel positive about our case and advised my husband to be the primary applicant..he has a total of 60 points with the SS and we are looking for ACT since we have family there already.

Just so that it is easier to follow will put it down in points:

Scenario 1
Primary applicant - my husband
Applying for - Senior sales and marketing under State Sponsorship
IELTS done and scored band 8 overall
Assessing body - AIMS
After the to and fro of documents and referrals with the agent was thru..they came back saying my husband has to report to the MD of his company, which was clearly not possible..he is part of the top management and reports to business head who is the VP of the company..now we r stuck cause the agent says it would be high risk to go ahead with the assessment cause of this disparity..and also so since they have had a recent rejection of another application on the same lines.

Scenario 2
So they went ahead and suggested we apply for Marketing Specialist and the assessing body is VETASSESS..we changed the referrals to suit this application only to realise VETASSESS requires a relevant degree in the field that one is applying for eg: in this case a marketing degree..whereas my husband has done his hotel management..so stuck again..

Now after 4 months of time, effort, hopes we r back to square one and feeling lost as to how to take this forward...any help would be highly appreciated..thank you
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