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Hi All,

I'm slowly losing the will to live and know this is a very long shot..but I have to ask!
My story:

- I'm arriving (alone) 2 weeks before I turn 31 in Australia on a working holiday visa, so will be able to stay for 1 year but won't be able to extend it as I'll be too old.
- I was hoping of getting a state sponsorship (seemed like SA would be quite easy) for Supply Chain Manger 133611 as it fits my job spec perfectly except maybe 1 point slightly iffy. I only just found out the general condition of AIM which is "requiring the delegation of authority directly to three or more subordinate managers each of whom hold positions requiring the delegation of work to three or more subordinates in managerial, supervisory or technical positions;"
That point is sadly absolutely not my case, as I only actually have 3 people reporting to me. 1 of whom is team leader of 2..
(I do report directly to the director)
- Am I correct in assuming there is no way of getting state sponsorship for this despite having a perfectly matching job, a BA, postgrad certificate and MA?
- Been looking at other options and I could also justify the customer service manager role assessed by VETASSESS but it seems that no states are actually offering sponsorship unless you graduate from an australian uni after a year.
- It seems being sponsored by a company is extremly difficut as it is very costly and time consuming for the company. Is it realistic to try to find a company in the year I can stay to sponsor me for customer service?

Sorry, I know there are a lot of questions and hiccups, but it seems that I am so close to several options and point wise because of my age, english level and education that I just really want to make sure I'm considering all the options and not giving up too quickly.
(I'm pretty open to living anywhere if it increases my chances, though I'm not moving to the other side of the world to live in a dump where I'll be unhappy either..)

Any help at all would be greatfully received, even if it's to point me to the best agencies able to help!

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