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Hello everyone!
First of all thanks for sharing all your experiences and knowledge which I have been binging on over the past few days before joining to ask for your advice.

Long story short: I have an interior design firm based in Italy but all of my work is in the GCC. Italy has very brutal taxes eating up over 50% of my profits. Add to that the very boring immigration bureaucracy to visit each country and you will have the answer as to why I need to relocate my business.

My needs: one shareholder is enough, I need in the beginning 2 residence visas, bank account, I will not invoice or deal with UAE (so FZ is fine) and I will not need a physical office - ever - because I will either be abroad or deal with work from home in the UAE.

As I said, I have done a great deal of searching, in the forum, on the web as well as with my Swiss-based consultants on what is best to do but I am still a little confused and also skeptical - mostly because of the incredibly different offers that I have received which go from AED 30k to 80k.

I have the situation clear enough, Rak or Creative city seem to suit my needs and it seems there is quite some room to lower those prices.. the real problem is I have read very few direct references and first hand experiences to names of agents who can take care of all the paperwork needed to start a company in Uae, mostly seeing replies to various threads saying "I will PM you the name" so I was hoping you guys could help me on that!

Thanks and have a great day.
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