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I know it might sound odd. My country has so many problems right now... We had problems in the past and later we were fine but that's not the main reason why I wanna leave.
The Main reason is that I'm homosexual in an homophobic country. It's not that gays are killed here but I can't marry, Not everyone knows about it, I feel that If I say it at work I'll be fired. So, I am really thinking about leaving.

Australia is a Perfect country: Good economy, security... However, I am a really bit scared to suffer from discrimination maybe not because of my sexuality but because I'm Dark Skinned. Not black, not white but dark skinned.

I speak English, Spanish and Italian. I am gonna study my MBA at Florida International University. I'm Economist and my speciality is Financial Risk and Financial products. I think I might have the qualifications but I'm seeking for advice.
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