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Hello - I am looking for any advice/experience from expats living in Australia that have transitioned children back to US school system. My daughter is in 9th grade here and I have been in contact with her school in the US to plan her return back to their school for 10th grade.

The problem is that due to the school year differences (starting here in Jan, versus Aug in US) she will only have a half year of 9th grade completed when she returns and the school is arguing she won't have enough credit to go into 10th grade.

Also the structure of the core academic classes (English, Math, Science) is very different here. For example in the US, her 9th grade science would be biology. Here the science class covers a bit of biology, chemistry and physics. I'm sure by the end of 4 years it ends up equaling out, but for the transfer back mid-term we are seeing problems in getting her credit.

It is important to her that she go into 10th grade on her return and stay in the same class with her old friends.

Has anyone faced a similar situation? Any advice is welcome.

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