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I am an Australian who has been living and volunteering (paid stipend, under an Australian Govt program) in the Philippines. I've been living with my Filipino fiance for 2.5 years and we've been engaged for about 4 months.

Wedding is this July 2010.

We're currently applying for the Prospective Marriage Visa for my fiance, and I'm a bit confused on the side of sponsorship. It seems that the form assumes that the applicant and sponsor are residing in separate countries.

That makes it difficult for us, as we are both residing in the Philippines now and wish to make the move to Australia together when my contract expires in March.

Therefore, I need some advice on answering the financial section that assumes that I am in Australia with employment. I have a stipend here in the Philippines until March, and then I have some money in shares and savings in the bank. That could easily tie us over for 4-6 months at least. My earning capacity is high - as can be shown with my tax return from before I left Australia to come to the Philippines. I can state that we'll live with my parents until I find work.

Will that be enough? I am stressed that I might need to suddenly uproot myself from the Philippines prematurely and go back alone to find work just to be able to fill out the form - so I appreciate advise anyone can provide.

Many thanks!
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