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Advice on moving to Tordera, Barcelona!

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We are a couple (Claire 30 from UK, Danny 36 from Ireland) moving to Tordera. I have a job based in Tordera that I start in June and Danny will look for work once we start iving there.

We want to live in and around the area of Tordera so are also considering Palafolls and Santa Susanna.

We are looking primarily for advise on where to find long term lets with a private landlord that have a minimum of 3 bedrooms,2 bathroom, terrace and ideally a swimming pool.

Can anybody tell us where to look for private lets as we would like to remove the agency fee from our relocation process. Alternatively if anybody can recommend a trustworthy letting agency that would also be good.

We have to this point been looking on fotocasa, idealista, segundamanos and alquiler.

We have a hundred different questions we would like to ask but finding somewhere to live is the most important.

We only found out 3 days ago that we are moving and only have 5 weeks to achieve this.

So it's all a tad hectic at the moment.

All advice will be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance

Claire and Danny
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I'd rather not share any of my personal details on a public forum .
in that case I've snipped your e-mail address to save you getting mercilessly spammed :eek:

it's against forum rules, anyway ;)

only 5 good posts needed to activate the PM facility - she's nearly there......

i would suggest that you start your own thread to ensure the best responses as this particular thread seems quite old.
Moving on

Living Costs

How longs a bit of string. We are moving next year and have based living costs in Spain as they are here. I suspect some things will be cheaper but you cannot know that until you are actually there. Others may feel different, but some on here may need 20K to live on some others need 13K or even less

Decent wage

Well that depends on your job, presumably you have a job to come to.. although I am not yet in Spain.. there is high unemployment in Spain particularly in your age group. Do you speak spanish...

As for the area I have not got a clue but i am sure others will.

Best wishes
while a new thread might seem like a plan, often when someone posts on an old thread, the original posters on that thread gets an e-mail alert (if that's how they have their settings) & come back & post :D

Danny& Claire are still around, so maybe they'll chip in :)

yes, Lisa&Jenk - cambio makes good points

cost of living is something hotly discussed here - & some of us (me with 2 teenagers living in an expensive area) reckon it's not much different to the UK, whereas others will say it's considerably cheaper - it really does depend on what you want out of life too

as a rule of thumb though, if you can't live on it in the UK, you won't be much better off here

since you are trying to work out what a decent wage is - are you applying for jobs or do you already have a job offer?
Hi Danny,

Hopefully by posting this message I will be able to send you a private message with my contact info (as this will be my 5th post enabling me to do so).

Hope to speak to you soon

lol - you already had 5!!!

you just have to wait for the system to update (if it hasn't already) - patience................;)
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Thank you for all of the great advice. My fiancee and I are planning a move to Barcelona City Centre in July 2012 for 6-8 months from Florida. It will be more of an extended vacation to explore the possibility of permanently living in Spain. We've found many web sites offering furnished apartments through agencies. How did you go about finding private lets? Are there any other downsides of using an agency (other than a months rent in fees)? I was assuming the agency would assist with having utilities turned on etc? I've lived in the Dominican Republic & Cuba in the past and Monica in the Czech Republic so we would certainly be resourceful enough to figure these things out. Ideally we would find a private individual that will rent us a apartment and we can just pay them in cash each month.

Any advice most appreciated! - Scott & Monica

how exciting!

your flags suggest you are US citizens?

in that case I guess you've checked out the visa situation & you realise that you can only stay for 90 days unless you have a resident visa of some kind

if you have that covered - have a look at the FAQs & useful info thread above - there's a section about renting
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