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Advice on moving to Tordera, Barcelona!

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We are a couple (Claire 30 from UK, Danny 36 from Ireland) moving to Tordera. I have a job based in Tordera that I start in June and Danny will look for work once we start iving there.

We want to live in and around the area of Tordera so are also considering Palafolls and Santa Susanna.

We are looking primarily for advise on where to find long term lets with a private landlord that have a minimum of 3 bedrooms,2 bathroom, terrace and ideally a swimming pool.

Can anybody tell us where to look for private lets as we would like to remove the agency fee from our relocation process. Alternatively if anybody can recommend a trustworthy letting agency that would also be good.

We have to this point been looking on fotocasa, idealista, segundamanos and alquiler.

We have a hundred different questions we would like to ask but finding somewhere to live is the most important.

We only found out 3 days ago that we are moving and only have 5 weeks to achieve this.

So it's all a tad hectic at the moment.

All advice will be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance

Claire and Danny
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Hi Clair, I'm a bit curious how everything worked out with your long term lets? I'm considering moving to Todera as well and it would be great if you could give me some valuable advice. I'm 29 and I will work in Todera. Thanks in advance. BR, Anna
I'm going on my third and final interview in a couple of weeks. If everything works smoothly and the salary range is acceptable from my end I will start working in January. I would love to know if you like the city and where the best living location is (from your point of view). My other half lives in Marbella so I just need a smaller flat to start with. Did you consider to live in Barcelona at any point? I'm a bit worried that Tordera is too small. Thanks :)
I've been looking at Blanes as well. How far is it from Blanes to Tordera approximately? Do you need a car or is it easy to go by bus? I've been working in pretty big cities earlier so I'm a bit concerned about feeling restless in a tiny town. Anyhow, I travel alot in my job so maybe it could be nice to relax a bit... Ehm. As you also mentioned, I rather live near work than Barcelona centre. But to be honest I thought it was roughly 45 minutes between the cities?

How did you find your place in Blanes? I'm just scrolling different web sites...

I just became a member of this forum but isn't there any possibility to send private messages?

I'm really greatful for your inputs by they way... Apparently there aren't that many who knows much about Tordera.
1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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