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Hi there.
My name is Christine and my husband and I are trying to find a job in NZ. We want to move to NZ and apply for a residency visa. We both studied biology + did our PhDs. I know, not what everybody is looking for, but with all the environment and conservation research/work and DOC etc. we thought we would have a good chance.
Well, 100+ job applications later, we come to think twice... we had no feedback or 'sorry, there was a better suitable candidate' answers so far. This is rather disappointing and discouraging. How do you handle the accumulating frustration? Do you think about giving up? What other ways are there to find a job or get to know people who might be able to help you find a job in NZ?
It seems like being overseas already disqualifies you… is that true?
So far we try finding a job mostly via seek, trademe, unijobs, conjobs, myjobspace and jobs.govt.nz. Not to forget about linkedin... I'll try indeed.nz from now on, too.

Could anyone please share his/her experiences/feelings/thoughts with me? Thanks very much in advance.
Have a nice day.
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