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Hi guys,

I am seeking a couple of advices for applying to EEA (QP) with my partner.
We both emigrated from Italy to the UK in May. We did cause I got an offer from a multinational company based in Brighton area. My partner sought and found a job as a fast food worker and have a permament contract (well it is the permanent 0 hour contract type).
My salary is technically enough for both. We have our house, we are on the electoral roll, etc.

Now, even if I am not so scaried from Brexit, we want to apply to get the EEA QP that anyway should prove we can stay here. I saw that I can make two applications of a joint application for me including my partner.
The fact is:
- we are not married or into a legal civil partnership
- we are not engaged since 2 years, only 1, and we started to live together here in the UK
- Whereas my salary is enough for a family, my partner fast food salary is not

Here the questions:
- what is the real difference in making the joint application (where they ask only for my proof of work but set a lot of questions related to my partnership, if we've been engaged since more than 2 years, which were the previously engagement longer than 2 years, etc) and two singles? ... I have this question as I am not sure that our not so long engagement can be a problem and, for a single application, my partner does not have a salary enough for living normally here (we speak about 1000gbp/month net)
- I know we have to send passports to the home office. If we apply through the Passport Return service, can we avoid to stay without passport for 5 months? (well, the other possibility is to use national ID card maybe)

Thanks for any advice about this.

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