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I am just wanting tom advise, maybe from people who have any experience of are friends with anyone who has made the jump to Perth? I am from NZ and am thinking of moving to Perth. I do not know many people and the people I do know work long hours. I am wondering how hard it is to find work work in admin type jobs (probably in the city) - I would definately sign up with agencies. Also, as I would be spending a lot of time on my own at first, any suggestions on how a 23 year old could go out and meet people their own age (apart from clubs and bars, a bit hard going by yourself). I know I would make friends through work but it is also nice to know people away from work, and who are your own age!

Oh also I would love to knwo what the living costs in Perth e.g food and train? Am thinking of locating to a suburb 0-5km out of the city.

Thanks :eek:
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