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Evening All,

Apologies if this has been done to death, I've read a lot of threads already on the internet but all are old, I want some up to date info from people in the know!

I'm looking at relocating to Dubai from the UK, I currently work in a management role within a vehicle hire business, however I'm looking for a change.

I've been looking at Estate Agent roles online, obviously £50,000-100,000 OTE is attractive however I'm getting a lot of mixed signals about how obtainable it is, especially with the majority of companies working on commission only.

I read online that you can have multiple estate agency firms all advertising the same property because of the way things are listed so the market is very competitive (not a shock!), however this has put doubt in my mind whether a decent wage full stop is obtainable.

I know the days like in a lot of locations/industries of walking into a role and making a shed load of cash have gone, but I need to know that one of the big reasons I'm looking to do this soon (money) is actually realistic.

Can anyone shed some light on the estate agency market in general, and what's realistic in terms of wage etc.

Apologies for the post if this has been done to death.


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Welcome to the forum.
It has certainly been discussed to death!!
General consensus - don't bother!
Two biggest differences between UK and UAE are that the renter/buyer pays the commission and there is no concept of sole agency.
Landlord therefore will place property with multiple agents in the hope that the more the merrier.
Its also quite different here because many properties are not presented well - they are scruffy and dirty, without power or AC when you are showing people round. They only get cleaned (if you are lucky) and problems snagged (again, if you are lucky) once a renter/buyer has signed the contract.
This makes it uncomfortable showing people round and difficult to take decent pictures.
If you do manage to take decent pictures and put them in your advert - other agents will normally "borrow" your pictures.
In summary - it's like the Wild West - without the sheriffs!
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