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Addresses and Such

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Hey Guys, this is another question for those who have moved over and have kept their American citizenship. I'm wondering what you've done with your addresses. Did you change your driver's license address to the UK? Who did you have to contact? So on.
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Driver's license I had changed to my new married name with my son's US address.

SSN I had changed to my new married name, and told them I was moving to the UK, but my US address would be my son's.

Bank account same as SSN.

Cancelled mags, etc, or shifted the ones I could to e-subscriptions.

Made sure to enroll in Smart Traveler with the US State Department, giving my son's US address and his name as US next of kin, my Scottish address as my residence and my husband as my primary next of kin.

Son's US address for anything needing a US contact, and he sends us anything important in a manila envelope.
To be honest about it, there is no need to maintain a US address when living abroad. It's darned difficult to lose your US citizenship in any event, and you need to file a change of address (to your foreign address) for tax purposes if you're planning on claiming the overseas earned income exclusion.

Social Security can deal with a foreign address - certainly for sending you the annual benefits statements. (OK, they mangle the foreign address and it may take a while longer for the annual statement to reach you - but somehow it always does.)

You can keep your US bank accounts and credit cards and just change the address on the account to your overseas address. (The only issue I've run across is that of purchasing e-books, where the vendor uses your credit card billing address to determine what books you're entitled to buy and what rate of VAT you pay on those you can buy.)

Smart Traveler is the Embassy/Consulate registration program. You don't necessarily have to have a US address for that.
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