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Hi everyone,

I have been living in the Alps over the winter but now the weather is getting warmer and I am starting to think about summer stuff.

I need, as part of my licensing, a registered business address in the Pyrenees-Atlantique department. I already have my transfer business set up in Haute-Savoie.
Unfortunately the summer season in Biarritz is quite short so it is pointless me renting a property for the year just so I can use it as a business address.

So, does anyone want to help me out and let me use their address? I will obviously contribute with money, gifts, favours, kisses etc. All I will need from you is a Justificatif de Domiciliation and your address. If you require references I can provide some.
The negatives for you are that you might receive some of my mail and the DRE can ask to inspect my licence (an A4 piece of paper that needs to be kept at the property). They won't just turn up though, they have to make an appointment (I have been operating in Haute-Savoie for 7 years and they have never visited).

Hopefully someone can help me out. Perhaps send me a PM.
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