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Hi Sirs,
I am oversea student and about to get 457 from a Australian company, but I would like to add my girlfriend(she also oversea student) as*a Secondary Applicant to my 457 application. BUT here is the problems.
1. Me and my girlfriend met each other in Australia in 2016. But we didn’t commit to live together, but we had spent time together during weekend or occasions.*
2. After 4-5 months, we stay together during some weekend, because she have to work in many different places/different time. Her job was nearby my place. We spent time together travelling, movies, lots of pictures for 5-6 months.*
3. I’ve leased a apartment later on, but my partner name didn’t on the lease
4. Later on, we just committed to live together every single day for 5.5 months util now, and we getting married in 40 days (Not yet lodge application)
As our relationship are about roughly 15-16 months. But we're physically living together only 5.5 months. My company would like lodge application asap
What we have now,*
* event tickets
* travel tickets
* gifts
* lots of pictures
* joint bank account for our daily expenses and rental payment (4 months)
* same address / some utility bills (2-3 months)
* letters from common friends.*
* marriage booking receipt (we getting married in 40 days after lodge application)
* flight tickets going to home country for few weeks for visiting family after marriage
* our story book & future plan

1. Is this considered as “de facto relationship”?
2. Adding my partner to my 457 applications. Is this too risky?*
3. If partner visa get refused, my 457 also get refused as well?

Thank you.
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