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1) I am initiating the process of immigration under category 190 and intend to apply for state nomination from ACT. State sponsorship is required to meet minimum requirement of 60 points. Nominated occupation would be Internal Audit.

2) Initially I intend to search for a suitable placement over the internet without physically travelling to Canberra, Australia because I am reasonably satisfied with my current job in Gulf.

Kindly advise with regards to the following:

a) If I am unable to secure a job after having tried over the internet, will I be allowed a release by ACT to work in a different state? Or is one required to physically travel to Canberra, ACT an make an effort to find a job before they consider your request for a release?

b) How good are the placement prospects for auditors (both internal & external) in ACT? Understand ACT is small market with majority of the jobs created in the Govt sector and require citizenship and / or security clearance.

3) Has any auditor applied for ACT state sponsorship with Internal / External Audit as nominated occupation? Pls share your experience.
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