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Dear all,
Just got to know about this great site and felt like clearing my doubts regarding immigration to Australia. It would certainly be of great help to me.
My queries are -
1. Do we need to hire an agent for getting the things done.
2. I am applying for customer service manager ( ANZSO CODE 149212) as this is the only most relevent field for me. The only state providing sponsorship is ACT.
However, ACT has kept it under limited category?
Is it necessary to have three years of experience for the jobs in limited category and what is meant my ' job verification '
3. I will be sending my documents for verification tomorrow to vetassess and as of now i have scored R- 7 , W- 7, S- 6.5, L- 8.5 overall 7.5
I applied for revaluation but scorecard remained unchanged? So have applied again as getting 7 each is the basic criteria for state sponsorship and also it adds to your points.

I have two years of experience and is it so difficult to get sponsorship in limited category ?

Kindly guide me

Thanks in advance

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