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Hi everyone,

When my assessor required me to submit some additional documents (employment references,...). I go to the link assessor gave me to submit.

Because I have 3 certified references and 3 non-certified references, I uploaded 3 certified references first (I think they will take a look and verify it contains enough information or not). 3 non-certified references, I will need VN embassy in US notarize this because those are from US companies.

However, now assessor put me to stage 4, they told me to wait the assessment process to finalize and after that, submit additional documents and review. :(

That's too bad, because I must wait 3-5 months to assess, and submit additional documents, and continue to wait 3-5 months again. Such a long wait and cost more money on reviewing.

I email to assessor to ask them give me extra time to update documents. Do I have any chance to have my application on hold? :(

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