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Hi all,
can anyone you please share roles and responsibilities shared to ACS 261111 and employment reference letter( affadivit) submitted documents independently without agent as im btech ece and i worked as a SE for two years and later as a Business analyst so can i declare from begining of my education as Business analyst as i understand ACS will deduct 4 years if u submit as Business analyst for electronics engineering
help me in ACS submission
requesting stamp paper formats and statuatory declarations if you dont mind blocking company names and personal details atleast so that i can get it done in similar format
want to take advise from ACS positive assessment people and also do i need to mention roles and responsibilities of software engineer for two years in reference letter and last 6 years i have been working as a business analyst so will ACS consider first two years or last 6 years and leaving me with 2 years experience

how strong will be my case with three stautory declarations from colleagues reference as first two years companies i worked are three which were closed

Is there any one applied like these

please let me know shall i show that experience or disgard
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