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I am a computing professional with 9 years and 3 months of IT experience. I had submitted ACS Skills assessment ACS PIM2 Group B ( ASCO Code 2231-79 Computing Professional – Java ) on 15th Dec 2009 and I received my result today with the following Assessment

“This applicant has a Bachelor of Engineering from India which has been assessed as comparable to Australian Bachelor Degree with less than a minor in Computing and therefore does not meet the requirements for a qualification as prescribed in PIM 2.

I didn’t get any ASCO code from ACS due to this.

The point to be noted here is I have done my Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial and Production and ICT content is around 13%.

I read the PASA guideline today and it says for Group B as a guide for a minor (sub-major) for a Bachelor degree, the ICT content must be at least 20%.

Can somebody from Non IT background who has undergone successful ACS skills assessment give some pointers to proceed with my case?
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