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I am working as a software engineer in the UK and have a degree in law and a 1 year conversion masters in software development that did not require an IT degree for entry. The masters can be taken 1 year full time with 3 semesters. With the third being a Thesis over the summer or the masters can be completed 3 years part time.

The ACS skills assessment guideline states:

A post graduate qualification (Graduate Diploma or Masters) that do not require a Bachelor with an ICT
major for entry into the course, must have:
• A minimum of 3 semesters or at least 1.5 years of full-time study
• At least 2 semesters or 1 year of full-time equivalent ICT content
• A minimum of 12 units or subjects (overseas degrees may contain less units or subjects)

Does this mean my conversion masters will be recognised as an ICT major? The course is 100% ICT related and is very heavy on programming.

Also, the completion date was 20th September 2016, however, graduation was not until December 2016 and I started working as a software engineer in the September. Does this mean I have to wait until September or December 2018 before ACS will recognise my 2 years professional experience?
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