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I've submitted a skill assessment application, which included 2 years of internship+Science Research Mentoring Program completed during my graduation and 3 years of employment after I graduated.

However, they didn't consider any period of these first 2 years as skilled employment. They have stated that it is "Not Professional ICT Level Experience".

The "guidelines for applicants" mentions the following:
Internships may be considered if the work is paid and at a
suitable professional level.
I'd like to know what is expected from an internship for it to be considered as Professional ICT Level Experience.

I have 60 days to submit an Appeal application. It'd be waste of time and money?

ANZSCO: 261313
Occupation: Software Engineer
IELTS: 10 points - 7(R), 7.5(L), 7(W), 7(S) - (Feb/2017)
ACS Applied: 20-June-2017
ACS Result: 21-July-2017
Point-Age(30)/Edu(15)/Eng(10) = 55
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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