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Hello all,
I would be applying for skill assessment with ACS as Data warehousing specialist.
If any one of you have successfully completed ACS skill assessment with data warehousing can you please share some thoughts about.

I have implemented and support a (POS) application which had a OLTP (transactional databases ) and a data warehouse for strategic reporting.

My questions are :-

a) Data warehousing my experience dose not have the Informatica’s and Cognos's of the world but we were doing everything through our application. Would my application get affected due to the absence of experience in any popular tool set?

b) My application was OS (windows/ unix) and database independent (Microsoft SQL/ Oracle/Sybase) what combination would be the best to highlight?

c) Would some one in this forum be able to vet my job reference as i am most concerned about it?

d) If I have job reference from my office on official letter heads is it still a good idea to get reference from colleagues and peers?

Any suggestions or remarks are most welcome.
I am in Sydney as I would be applying for an onshore PR visa somewhere in Feb/March 2010. I would be happy to meet up as well with anyone who is willing to guide me with the process based on their experience.

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