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I had applied for ACS skill assessment in 2015 and I got the positive result from them. However, I was not able to process during that time and now my ACS validation date was expired in this September. Thus, I reapplied for ACS assessment.

It took 2 weeks them to reply me back and asked latest reference letters from my company. I am still working in same company so I had submitted same reference letter but with new date and signature from my HR manager.

I try to clarify this things to them in an email that I couldn't modify my previous filled form, so I re-added new experience but I am still working in same company and in same department but with new designation as Senior IT Administrator only.

Its been 3 weeks, I haven't heard anything from ACS. I wrote several email back to the same address from where they asked me the extra document. In last mail, I attached my 2015 ACS results too. But they haven't acknowledge me at all.

What should I consider here ? Shall I wait or there will negative decision. Last in 2015, it took only 1 week for me to get whole result.

I am bit worried as I can clarify anything they needed if they reply or acknowledge me. Have any one over here faced such issues in past and what do you suggest in such cases.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank yoU
Unfortunately, it has been a long wait for everyone lately. ACS is taking 6 weeks minimum to complete assessments in the last 2 months. Until July, this only took 2 - 3 weeks wait time.

I wouldn't think that you would get a negative assessment. In all probability, the Assessors are sitting on a big pile of Assessment requests as their systems had some issues in July - August 2017.

I would suggest you to await their response. May be, mail them once every 5 days asking for update if you dont get a response.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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