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I would like to apply for Graduate Visa to complete the ACS Professional Year.

However, my degree is Bachelor of Business which has two majors: Information Systems and Supply Chain Management. On the ACS website it says that at least 33% of my courses must be related to IT, and 65% of that 33% must be closely related to the nominated occupation. Upon the completion of my studies, I will have exactly 33%. My main fear is that ACS will say that one my subjects is not IT.
By the way, my course is not accredited by the ACS(although on the website it says that it's not a huge problem). From my university, only Bachelor of IT is accredited. The subjects however overlap with my major.

My subjects:

Systems Analysis
Enterprise Systems
Foundations of Business Computing
Database Design and Implementation
Knowledge Management Principles
Business Intelligence
IT Project Management
Ethics and Social Issues
Networked Infrastructure Foundations

My nominated occupation would be Systems Analyst. I will graduate in February. What should I expect from ACS?

Thanks in advance for your answers.
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