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I faced multiple issues with ACS Online Application.

I started a new application based on the link to earlier application, which I have already submitted and got the result letter.

In the new application , all my personal and related information were already prefilled based on my older application.

I have got new passport/additional experience and new reference letter which I wanted to add to this new application.

I'm not able to edit or successfully upload all my new documents.

1) When I added new experience information, it overwrites with the older one.

2) When I attach the reference letter and continue to next page, the attachment is not found.

3) In some cases, the attached document when clicked shows 404 page not found error.

Due to this, I'm not able to submit the new application.
I have emailed the same to the acs email id. No response from them yet.

Did anyone face this issue? Does ACS responded to anyone facing these issues?

Please share the details if this can be resolved.
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