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ACS: New RPL process from 1 Feb 2010

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Hi All,

The Australian Computer Society is revamping the entire Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process from 1 Feb 2010 onwards.

All applications for RPL lodged on or after this date will need to address the new Key Areas of Knowledge (KAK) which will replace the existing CBOK.

The new RPL form is expected to be available in due time and new KAK guidelines along with it. For now, the only information available to us is a public announcement that the change will apply to all RPL applications lodged on or after 1 Feb 2010.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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thanks peter.. merry christmas to you too
I've spent a few months now getting my bits together for the ACS RPL.

I'm currently plugging that all into their form FormPASA2.0(RecognitionofPriorLearning)_Sections2-4.doc

How necessary is it to stick to the format of this form? I've read some people saying it's only a template, which to me it seems to be as otherwise some of the sections end up with a large amount of duplication.

I have my project reports written separately as PDF documents, can I refer to them as attached documents in the project reports sections.

Also in 2 sections of the form there are [Expandable type Area] for 'A brief summary of how you have learnt the area of knowledge' and 'Evidence of applying claimed knowledge to a working situation'

Both of these expandable areas are limited to a single page? (any text beyond the 1st page disappears as it looks like they've set-up the type-able area as a table/cell). I've written some 8,000 + words for the Evidence sections.

A friend did the older form/format in 2009 and his evidence section was very brief (probably less that 2 pages hand written directly on the old form) and he got a favourable outcome. Yet on some forum posts I see people saying they're providing 14,000+ words. I want to be thorough but at the same time I don't want to bore the assessor to death...

I'm applying as a System Administrator/IT Manager, 99% of what I do falls under only 1 section, the TR - TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES. Is that sufficient?
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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