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I started working in july, then changed jobs in february, and I didn't work 3 business days within February. I found this document:

According to the example there is similar case:
Dates: 01/08 - 04/09 (1yrs 3mths)
Position: Software Engineer
Employer: IBM
Country: CHINA
Dates: 04/09 - 12/09 (0yrs 8mths)
Position: Software Engineer
Employer: Microsoft
Country: INDIA

While it doesn't say whether this person started working right after the day of resignation, april month is still counted. But I asked ACS whether my situation will count as one year, and they didn't give descriptive answer (just said month by month basis) then I asked clarification and they said:
"For the month to be considered you will need to work the full month."
Another unclear response.

I guess my question is, for those who changed jobs, how did ACS count your months?
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