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For the last year, I work in Australia on 457 visa (issued on 09/2016) which theoretically should be converted to 186 if the government will be so kind to grandfather all cases like mine.

Taking into account the possibility that I will have to wait for another year, I started to look at 189.

At the moment I have almost 9 years of work experience, one unfinished tertiary degree (Bachelor of Software Engineering) and one ongoing degree. So, it means that I will have to show ACS that I have at least 8 years of relevant work experience (and RPL, right?).

But most of the companies I have been working for are shut down by now. And more than that, some of my direct reports from those companies are no longer reachable.

By my rough estimates, I can collect reference letters that show at least 7.1 years of relevant experience. I can try to get one more letter that shows additional ~15 months, but it will be tough.

So my question is, can I use the academic record (transcript) from my first university where I studied for 1.5 years? Would ACS even consider any years I had on an unfinished program? What about the on-going program that I am enrolled in at the moment?

My current role can be considered as a high-skilled and I'm going to continue to hold it for at least a year or so.

P.S. Also, would ACS care if all my reference letters have almost the same text and formatting? It's so just because I will have to prepare them for my employers to sign so I use the same template and almost the same definitions except when it comes to the role specifics and etc.

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