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Hi all,

I have applied SA at ACS since June 27th and got an email from them today for requesting true copied documents.

Honestly, when I submitted to ACS, I just uploaded the color-scanned version of original documents. I am a foreigner living in Korea so I don't know where I can get the true copied certificate for these. Can you (Korean people or someone else have a similar situation) give me any suggestion?

All my documents submitted includes:
- Passport
- Bachelor degree and transcript from a Vietnam university
- Master degree and transcript from a Korean university.
- 1 certificate of employee and employment reference from a American company (Vietnam branch) (because my company didn't agree to stamp a employment reference so they issued a certificate employee with stamp and sign of HR manager, so I attached a employment reference which I got from my ex-manager)
- 3 employment references from 3 Korean companies.

I am wondering whether any Korean government organization can certify above docs?

Thanks so much.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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