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Hi Experts,
Request for your inputs !!

During my 'Master of computer application' studies, for my final year project I had been tied up with one company that '6 months of project work, upon successful completion if they impressed with my skills then I have to work for another 6 months as 'volunteer graduate fellowship' without any salary. I worked for IT stream only during intership and the end I received excellent appreciation from officials.

And I have all relevant documents like 'interview letter for acadamic project', 6+6months of aggreement letter and at the end my 6 months volunteer internshipment experience letter.

And I read in ACS website like below stated:

Other Types of Work Experience
Volunteer work can be considered alongside paid work if there is a specific contract in place with a
statement of duty and references supplied. Post-qualification internship may be considered if this work
is at a suitable professional level.

My doubt is I am not allocated with any employee id and no payslips(as it is no payment bond).

And if they phone to companies direct numbers, they may not have any records online and may fail to confirm my details, but I can provide my Project manger 'statutory declaration' for background checks.

In this case is my 6 months experience can be claimed ?

Thanks a bunch in advance.
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